Photography, Style and Content
 by Ada Jarr

               This project has three main objectives: to reflect the term “Indifferent Differences” in many art cultures; to raise awareness of social problems occurring all over the world ; and create a new platform to present traditional Thai clothes and textiles. My awareness of “difference” and “indifference” has been raised when I was studying a law degree, as I gained the chance to participate in many activities relating to global issues—specially human rights and environmental—and it made me want to emphasis the issue by telling the story in a bolder way. 

               The idea of reflecting the term “Indifferent Differences” could be compared to a Western dish cooked by Eastern ingredients. The dish would completely look like a normal Western one, but give Eastern vibe from the scent when you take it closer. In this project,the main ingredients are the O Bang Seak theory, Thai traditional textile and cloth, and Asian Models which are the main element of visual storytelling. All of these ingredients marked Eastern vibe in the project’s five photos. Using the conceptual photography style, all five photos are visual related to the others, with full-modern vibe and some contemporary hints. The combination aimed to gain attention from Asian younger generation, make them interested in domestic and traditional art.

               Each picture focused on telling the story in a conceptual photography way, to let audiences crack the meaning placed behind symbolic probs and other elements in the picture. Based on Five Colours of O Bang Seak theory, this project want to raise awareness in five global issues—the Child marriage, Refugee, Domestic violence against women and Global Warming: Climate Change.